Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mermaid forever

I love mermaids since like for ever, they are magical and most important, they bewitch and sweet-talk men. It's a kind of power I would definitively know how to use. The name of my blog enforces my love to these mythological aquatic creatures, but a blog named after them was not enough I had to do something special...eternal. 
An here we are, I decided to get a mermaid tattoo. My tattoo was imagined by myself, a cameo brooch frame with a feminine mermaid with lots of hair and looking over her shoulder. It was designed and made by tattoo artist Jasmine Wright from Buju Tattoo (914 W. Washington st. Hillcrest, CA 92103). Girl came from San Diego to Luxembourg to work for a week. I absolutely loved her, she didn't even hurt me too much, I managed to smile and chit chat and after two hours this gorgeous mermaid forever was a wrap!

Jasmine working.

It's fresh, I will post a photo when it'll be healed.

Yes, I can pull it off! (I'm wearing a H&M floral dress from 2010, still love it.)